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What is the Farnham Hub?

The Farnham Hub is a great group of small business owners who meet weekly to improve their business strategy, digital skills and leadership skills. We have been meeting every Friday since 2013 and are now a well established and connected group. If you want to learn how to run a more successful business you are welcome to join us any Friday 8:45 am at Pizza Express on Castle Street.

Your First Session is completely free

After which it’s a small monthly fee of £45.00 + VAT for Premium membership and £90.00 +VAT for VIP membership

You can also buy a simple one-off Flexi Pass that covers any  6 events of your choice

Please go to the Events Page for more details and booking 

Why do people like you spend their Friday mornings at the Farnham Hub? 

Business owners like you know they can come to the Hub for outstanding business support and training on their doorstep.

More than that they come because they love to belong to a friendly and supportive team of people like them who really know what it is like to run a small business.

We are all in the same boat, we understand and support each other. You will be able to speak honestly and get impartial advice,

The Hub team work hard to create new opportunities for all our members on and off line

You will receive a much needed weekly mental boost in the shape of social interaction, relaxation and inspiration!

You will learn invaluable new skills that will help you push your business forward and become a better leader and manager

You will enjoy every minute!

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