Hub Members ‘Action-Taking’ Workshop


Discover who your ideal customer is.


As a small business, your biggest marketing challenge is knowing exactly who you should be targeting.


You see unless you have a really clear idea of who you want to engage and connect with, then you’ll be wasting your time and money on marketing and advertising.


And, if your current idea of customer targeting is just based on gender, age and geography, then that’s just not enough.  


You see, in order to really engage and connect with your ideal customers, you need to have a really clear picture in your mind about exactly who they are, and really get under their skin.


You need to use your experience and imagination to create a customer profile that has greater depth, with personal attributes, characteristics, and behaviours.


So you need to think beyond basic demographics. You need to create a real profile of your ideal customer.


These profiles are often referred to as customer avatars.


And to help you create your customer avatar for your business, I’ve developed a special Customer Avatar Workshop, which I’m putting on FREE just for Hub Members.


Wednesday 28th March. 10.00-12.00 Pizza Express. ONLY 10 Places Available!


This workshop will help you really expand your ideas about exactly who your ideal customer, or customers are, and also what you need to do to find, and reach out to them.


By having a more defined picture of who you’re targeting, will directly impact both the amount of people you can reach, and the cost of reaching them. So it’s worth spending some time working on your customer avatar.


So join me next week at this FREE Customer Avatar workshop, and together we’ll really define who your idea customers are, and identify what you need to say to really engage with them.


But you’ll need to act now as there are only 10 places available on this workshop.


Book your ticket here.


Book your ticket here