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APR 6th: How Much Should I Charge?

Pricing is one of the perennial small business debates and is rooted as much in self belief as it is in finding the right price point within your sector. Or, put another way, most small business owners don’t charge enough for what they do! In this workshop with...

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Apr 20th: Stick and Carrot – a task busting workshop

  By popular demand, we are hosting this special session as the start of a series of workshops to help you (and us!) work on getting things done in our businesses. "I've run out of things to do" is not something you hear a business owner say very often. In fact,...

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Social Media Marketing. How To Get Results.

Friday 19th January 2018 8:45-11am @ Pizza Express Farnham As social media continues to grow in importance the challenge for many business owners right now is to decide exactly what their 2018 social media strategy should look like. But where do you start? Until...

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Action Taking Workshop: Effective Writing in Business

THURSDAY 25th JANUARY 12pm -3pm @Pizza Express Farnham Our first Action Taking Workshop of the year will be hosted by Farnham Hub member Mark Weeks. The Effective Writing workshop is designed to help business people who, every day, write something they hope will...

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The Business Of You.

Friday 16th January 2018 8:45-11am @Pizza Express As a business owner you probably already have a clear strategy and plan for the important areas of your business like sales, marketing, product, operations, and finance… But you probably don’t have strategy and plan...

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Friday 10th November: Essential Excel Shortcuts

Friday 10th November. 8:45am - 11am @Pizza Express, Farnham. As business owners we all need to use Excel. Whether that’s for doing sales analysis, budgeting and forecasting, creating cash flows, or managing our lists.  Fortunately Excel makes all these tasks really...

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