Most businesses understand the benefits of a powerful brand, in terms of providing competitive differentiation. But far fewer really see their brand being anything more that just their logo or identity.

And when it comes to creating marketing or communications materials, it’s often a case of creating some sort of promotional message, and then simply sticking their logo onto it.

However the result of that is likely to be ineffective and actually damaging to your brand.

You see the real power of a brand only comes to life when it’s actually applied to communications pieces, that speak directly to your audience.

Brand communication is all about taking your message, proposition and brand personality out into your market.

Your brand communications should be your sales ambassador. They should be able to communicate clearly with your audience and be capable of doing the selling when you can’t be there in person.

So, how do you create effective brand communications?

Well in this weeks Hub session, branding specialist Jane Mancini will be taking you through the key steps to projecting your brand into your market.

And she’s be sharing with you case study examples of how to do this effectively. And how not to do it!

So if you want to build a strong robust brand that not only sets you apart from your competition, but also engages the right type of customers for you business, then book your ticket now.

Your first session is free.