This may be a rather dramatic title for a Hub talk, but the lessons learnt from a recent real life story are worth paying attention to.

You may have read the news on 31st December when Richard Cousins, CEO of Compass, was killed in an aircraft accident in Sydney Australia. This tragic event was made worse still, as his partner and two children were also killed in the accident.

This was doubtless devastating for family, friends and business colleagues.

But what has this to do with you, and your business?

Well, the ripples and repercussions of this tragedy from a business and financial perspective, have been huge and ongoing.

And they have nothing to do with the size and complexity of the Compass business.

Many of the issues and challenges they now face are the same for most business owners facing the loss of a key person within the business. Be that the CEO, the Finance Director, a key sales person, or you, the business owner.

Issues such as who will run the business now? And do they want to run the business? Do they have the funds and liquidity to continue the business? Who will buy the shares? How will the value of the business be preserved?

These important issues and many others will be discussed in this week’s Hub session with our financial expert, Mark Beresford as we explore the risks within your business and how to protect yourself, your business associates, and your family, should the worse happen.

By understanding the risks and exposure within your business, you can make sure you protect the value you’ve created, and ensure it can be passed on those who you want to benefit from it.

This should make for a lively and informative discussion! Book your free ticket now.