So, do you have a sales forecast and financial plan for 2018 that gives you real visibility on what you need to achieve in your business?

Do you have a cash flow forecast and the ability to easily track and analyse your progress month by month, against your plan?

Knowing your business numbers, and having a robust financial plan, are key to achieving predictable results and growth.

In this week’s Hub session, software trainer Suzanne Driver will be sharing with you some simple tips and tricks for using Excel (or Numbers), to create financial forecasts and plans that will work for your business.

She’ll be sharing with you examples and templates for both service-based and product-based businesses, so you can see exactly how to create solid, accurate and easy to use financial forecasts for your business.

As you start to look and plan for the year ahead, you need to have real clarity on what you want to achieve, and some specific measures of success for your business.

In essence you need to plan and create simple forecasts, or predictions, of what you might achieve in terms of sales, cash flow, and profit and loss.

And you need to be able to quickly and easily analyse and modify your numbers as you progress through the year.

In this Hub session Suzanne will be showing you exactly how to take control of your key business numbers, to give you confidence and predictability in achieving your financial goals for 2018.

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