Creating really effective, high impact marketing, is maybe not as hard as you might think.

And, it not just about having a great idea… although that certainly helps!

It’s actually about three things which that we can all understand and manage as business owners.

The three components of high impact marketing are; Clarity, Consistency, and Cohesion.

So to start we need Clarity.

We need to be really clear about Who we are talking to, What is our proposition to them, and Why they will take action.

We then need Consistency.

This is so important in terms of making sure each of your customer ‘touch points’ – ie your direct mail, or emails, or web site etc, delivers the same message. So that each customer interaction with your marketing, has a multiplier effect, building greater strength into your message.

And finally you need Cohesion.

Your marketing campaign materials and messages all need to work together, creating a cohesive story and customer journey, so your prospect is fully engaged and ready to take action.

OK, so hopefully that sounds simple enough. But you’re probably thinking, what does this strategy look like in reality?

Well, in this week’s Hub session, marketing specialist, Jamie Barlow will showing you exactly what high impact marketing looks like, with some real case studies, so you can immediately see how this could work really well for your business.

And, he’ll also be sharing with you how NOT to do it!

This is sure to be a fascinating, fun, and enlightening session, so book your ticket now.