If you’ve wondered why some businesses make a fortune using Facebook advertising, whilst other fail to get any real results… the answer is simple.

It’s the Facebook Pixel.

The Facebook Pixel is where all the magic happens.

It’s the key to building a highly targeted audience, and it’s the key to generating more customers and profitable sales from Facebook.

Yet sadly, so many business owners simply don’t understand the Facebook Pixel. Or they think it’s too confusing, or complicated.

But the truth is, once you understand what you can do with the Facebook Pixel, then you can really start to leverage the power of the Facebook algorithm, and drive high conversions, for the lowest cost possible.

In this Hub session Facebook specialist Jonathan Howkins will show you exactly what the Facebook Pixel is, how it works, and what you need to do to harness its power for your business.

He’ll also share with you case studies of what happens when you get it right and how you’ll get penalized for getting it wrong.

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