As business owners and consumers, we’re constantly bombarded with imagery every day; in magazines, newspaper, posters, window displays, leaflets, billboards, websites, social media, emails, and TV adverts.

To adapt and survive, we’ve become adept at reading the visual clues within an image, and making some instant assessments. So the way something is photographed, can have a massive impact in terms of creating positive or negative perceptions within our minds.

When we look at any image, we’re subconsciously making instant decisions and judgements, in terms of quality, price and value.

So when you look at the imagery you use for your business, what is saying about you, your products, and your brand?

Is your imagery aligned to your desired market positioning? Is it reflective of your pricing, and value proposition?

If not, then you need to join us at the Hub this week, when commercial photographer Matthew Burch will be talking about the psychology of product imagery, the consumer journey, and his Top Ten tips for DIY product photography, as a stepping stone to getting it done professionally.

This presentation is for both product and service based businesses, since how you present yourself, your business, and what you offer, is key to building your brand and your business.


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