By popular demand, we are hosting this special session as the start of a series of workshops to help you (and us!) work on getting things done in our businesses.

“I’ve run out of things to do” is not something you hear a business owner say very often. In fact, most of the time there is a ‘To Do’ list longer than your arm.

The point of this session is to identify one thing you need to get done in your business but are struggling to get round to it.

This session can:

Provide you with support and advice (if required)

Give you accountability

Give you the permission to focus on something which perhaps doesn’t fall under the ‘urgent’ or ‘profitable’ category but is important for you to achieve.

So think of something you’ve been meaning to get round to and come to the Hub to tick it off your list!

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Every Friday morning the Farnham Hub meets for a workshop on a particular area of business.

Every workshop is designed to help you update your skills and knowledge and GROW YOUR BUSINESS. Topics range from maintaining our health and wellbeing as business owners, through to marketing and finance! 

All are welcome, big business or small. Each event is fun, there’s free tea and coffee and always a great atmosphere.

There’s no forced networking and we pride ourself on being a space where you can be REAL about business.