I’ll give you £5 if you can introduce me to a business owner in Farnham who doesn’t rely on tech in one form or another to run their business…

We’re all so reliant on having working technology and yet so many of us are missing out on getting the best through a lack of knowledge on what’s out there.  Stuart Elsdon from Blucando works everyday with business owners helping them get the tech they need to run their businesses as well as possible.

There are some common tech-related problems many business owners face in Farnham.

Generally these fall under three categories:

1. Internet

Poor internet connection. (Shout out to everyone living outside of central Farnham)

Bad signal.  (Bourne? Downing St? I mean, the list of ‘black spots’ are endless)

2. Security

Unsecure public Wifi networks.

Virus protection. (Your Macbook is not immune!)

GDPR compliance.

3. Hardware

Storage. (Hard drive?  Cloud?  USB?  Floppy disk?)



For each of thesse things there is an easy fix.   (Don’t let those big companies tell you there’s nothing that can be done!)  More often that not, it’s cheaper than you think and will save you time and hassle.

In this talk, local IT guru Stuart Elsdon from, Blucando, is joining us to run through some super simple solutions for solving your tech woes.  And if that bit of alliteration didn’t get your attention then I don’t know what will…

You’ll leave this talk with your tech and data better protected and with a plan to fix all of those niggly tech-related issues.