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Welcome Guildford Business Owners!

Find out how the Guildford Business Hub can help you and your business become better connected and better informed of the key business skills you need to thrive. Our members are businesses like yours, who love the flexibility and choice of events we put on every week to help their businesses grow. They also love the thriving online community we have where they can get advice and support between meetings and access videos of talks and other resources essential for business development.  You are just one click away from coming along to a Free event or receiving resources that will make the difference in your business.

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We run events every Monday morning in the heart of Guildford to help you develop new skills, increase your connections and build a supportive community around your business.  Your first visit is FREE so book on below and visit us soon!

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See what exciting events are coming up at the Guildford Hub here. Business Inspiration, Learning and Networking at its best.

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Find out more about our VIP members who deliver our key talks and are true experts in their industries.

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“The Guildford Hub is a treasure-trove of all the sort of useful training, information and group support that you really need when you run your own business – all in one place!”

– Kerry Harrison, VIP Member

The Latest Small Business Advice

The Business Model Canvas

Part 1 - Your Value Proposition There are many templates for business plans available to help you plan your business success. No doubt you will have used a few in your time. Generally they are painful documents to fill out, lengthy , complex and challenging. But there...

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Time well spent?

As a small business owner you will know that your time is very precious. There are simply more things to do than there are hours in the day. And of course you try to make sure there is a very direct link between how you spend our time and the amount of money coming...

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Why is Customer Service so variable?

Customer service. It's something that we all strive to do well in our business. It's the one thing that if we have a good customer service experience, we remember and tell all our friends about, and equally, if we have a bad customer service experience, we remember...

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