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Which Membership Type?

Our members receive incredible value from being a member of the Guildford Hub and also incredible flexibility too.  We realise that every business is different and has different needs, that is why we offer 3 types of membership to ensure each and every member gets the best value. Whichever membership type you choose you can be sure you are joining a vibrant community of like-minded businesses who will quickly grow into business friends that support and encourage you every step of the way.


£90 +VAT/per month
  • Enjoy all the benefits of Premium Membership plus …
  • Your own page on our website showcasing you to all our visitors.
  • Spotlight slot where we create extra content around you and your business e.g. Facebook Live Interview/Webinar, Twitter Q&A session, Blog, showcased across our social media channels and present exclusive offers to Hub members.
  • Exclusive VIP member lunches with both Guildford & Farnham VIPs.
  • Be known as the go to expert in your industry both at the Hub and beyond.
  • I have read & accept the Terms & Conditions.

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£110 +VAT/per month
  • All benefits of VIP membership not just for you, but for all members of your company.
  • I have read & accept the Terms & Conditions.

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£180 + VAT/one off payment for 6 sessions
  • Access to 6 events of your choice at either the Guildford or Farnham Hub over 6 months.
  • Regular members only social events.
  • Total flexibility of which events you attend.
  • The opportunity to build strong business connections both at the Hub and through members networks.
  • Build a supportive network of business “friends”.
  • I have read & accept the Terms & Conditions.

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Joining the Guildford Hub has been such a great decision for me and my business. I learn so much each week from the brilliant presentations which have already helped me develop lots of new ideas to take my business to the next level. The Hub is a lovely supportive community of fellow business owners.

Rhiannon Ford

Rhiannon Ford Divorce Consultancy

“I’ve got so much from being a part of the Guildford Hub. I’ve met some great people who have really helped me on my business journey – it’s so useful being able to go along and just say ‘I’m really struggling with X’ and know that someone in the room will step in and offer some immediate help. The learning-based format means that I am constantly being challenged to try new ideas and to grow my knowledge – it’s so easy in business just to focus on the ‘doing’ and this really gives me time and space to get new perspectives.’ Meirion Shaw, The Homemover.
Meirion Shaw

Director , Homemover


As well as our weekly events, all Premium and VIP members get access to our Facebook Members only group where we livestream all talks from the Guildford & Farnham Hubs, meaning you can watch and join in with our events wherever you are or catch up later.  Our connection building and support continues throughout the week in the Members Only Group too.  Take a look at our video to find out how.

Have Some Questions?

Is there a minimum sign up term/cancellation policy?

For Premium & VIP members there is a minimum sign up term of 3 months to give you chance to see exactly what you can get out of membership.  You can cancel your membership at any time with one months notice in writing for Premium members, and 2 months notice in writing for VIP members.

Flexipass members you have 6 months from date of first use of your pass to use your 6 sessions at either the Guildford 0r Farnham Hub.

Do I have to attend every event or send someone in my place if i can't make it?

No, our membership is flexible, so if you can’t make an event no problem.  Equally it is not necessary to send someone in your place if you can’t attend, as we realise for many sole traders this is simply not possible (however you are more than welcome to send a colleague in your place if you want to). It goes without saying though that the more you attend the more you will get out of your membership.

I would like to upgrade and become a VIP

Great.  Our VIP’s are highly respected members of our group and for any position of authority there is certain criteria to meet.  You should have several years experience in running a business or working at senior level and you should be already contributing to the hub on a regular basis both by coming to our events and/or participating in our online groups.  We advise everyone wanting to become a VIP to experience the hub for a couple of months as a Premium or Flexi member first.

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