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The Business Model Canvas Part 3

Your Key Partners The next building block of the Business Model Canvas that we are going to look at is your Key Partners (see earlier posts Value Proposition and Customer Segments). All small businesses  have key partners - these are the other businesses or...

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The Business Model Canvas Part 2

  The Business Model Canvas This is part 2  in my series explaining the different sections of a Business Model Canvas. Not sure what that is?  A Business Model Canvas is a short cut business planning tool. Here's a cool short video from Strategyzer that explains it...

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The Business Model Canvas

Part 1 - Your Value Proposition There are many templates for business plans available to help you plan your business success. No doubt you will have used a few in your time. Generally they are painful documents to fill out, lengthy , complex and challenging. But there...

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Time well spent?

As a small business owner you will know that your time is very precious. There are simply more things to do than there are hours in the day. And of course you try to make sure there is a very direct link between how you spend our time and the amount of money coming...

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Are you avoiding Sales Conversations ?

Did you ever get to the top of a really big slide when you were small and then turn round and climb all the way back down? I did, and my children have done this too. As a parent you stand there watching and thinking - it would be so much more fun (and safer and...

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