They say a picture paints a thousand words, but if it’s the wrong picture it could be saying the wrong words. Are your images saying the wrong thing? Do you have an image problem? So you need images, and the right images at that. But where do you get them from?

Stock images

These days there are no excuses for not using images in your posts, on your website and in your literature. There are millions of high quality images you can licence for a small fee to bring you words to life. Some are even free but do check. Never take a chance by just “borrowing” an image off the internet. If the image owner has not given rights for general use or you don’t buy an appropriate licence for use you could be in for a huge shock.

One of the largest image libraries is known to trawl the internet searching for unlicensed use of their images. If they find such a use their typical demand is in the region of £3,000. You can always call their bluff but I wouldn’t. They will take you to court and they will get their £3,000 plus all the court and solicitors fees too.  If you are a Hub member there have been a couple of talks on staying the right side of copyright law. You can find the recordings in the Business Hubs members group on Facebook.

Alternatives to stock images

So now you can find relevant images you can use legally for a small fee. But isn’t that what most people are doing? Nobody ever stood out by following the crowd. So rather than using the same old stock images that every other marketer is using why not think laterally? Try one of these approaches:

  1. Instead of using a stock image directly related to you subject matter, look for something tangential or incidental.
  2. Be authentic and take your own pictures. Instead of a stock image of a handshake why not get a photo of you shaking on a deal with a client.
  3. Create your own images using one of the many image creation platforms. Here you can use a combination of stock images, you own photos and vector graphics or icons, all embedded on a suitable back ground

Staying on message

People like to buy from people. In particular, they like to buy from people they know, like and trust. One of the key elements of building that rapport is consistency. Just think of any of the big brands that you yourself trust. They have a consistency about them.

  • The logo – always in the right colour and proportion
  • The wording and phraseology is consistent
  • The colour scheme is consistent. There might be variations depending on the context but even the variations are consistent

Do your images stay on message?

Consistency in the Hub

At the Guildford Hub, our mantra is

  • Education
  • Inspiration
  • Collaboration

So over the next three weeks we are going to educate and inspire you to create images that consistently stay on message. Images and presentations that have your brand guidelines embedded in them. Images that tell your story and give you a subtle way to sell.

Next week at the Hub:


Emma Selby, founder of Your Business Hubs will lead a practical presentation about the online visual platform Canva. This will be followed by a workshop in which people can design a series of visual evergreen posts for their business

This is a great workshop for anyone who wants to understand what to post, how to create it and how to build a library of go to social media posts for their business. We’ll be looking at Canva tools, building palettes, brand identity and useful resources on the web.

Book your place here

January 22nd at the Hub:


Come along to our talk at the Guildford Hub to learn the Top 5 Tips of improving your PowerPoint Skills. Suzanne is a Microsoft Expert in all Microsoft Applications for Users and will share with us:-

  • Bring your Branding into your Presentation
  • Ways to ensure Consistency throughout
  • Change the way you use bullet points
  • Using Images Effectively
  • Changing Between Slides

Suzanne will be covering Design Templates, Slide Masters, Smart Art, Using Images as Slide Backgrounds and Transitions and will have some super useful shortcuts to save you time.

Book your place for the 22nd January here

January 29th at the Hub


Before the internet and Facebook and even before we learned how to print, story telling was used to educate and pass on information to other people. Story telling remains, to this day, the most effective way of building a rapport with you audience and getting your message across.

This week at Guildford Hub our VIP photographer Kerry Harrison will explain how you can use images to tell your story visually. We all know that images have a greater impact and get far more traction and interaction on social media so bringing your story to life with images can be hugely powerful.

Kerry will show you how you can connect with your ideal prospects using the right images in a facr more subtle way to sell.

Book your place for the 29th January here






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