The most powerful way to connect with an audience is to tell them a story. All the best stand-up comedians use this technique. They don’t just stand there and rattle off unconnected jokes. They weave the jokes in to a story. Michael McIntyre’s trip to the dentist is a classic.

Story telling through the ages

There has been a lot of coverage in the news about the prospect of France loaning the Bayeux Tapestry to the UK. The famous tapestry tells the story of the Norman conquest of Britain including the battle of Hastings. The 900th anniversary of the battle was commemorated in set of postage stamps issued by the Royal Mail.

I recently moved house, downsizing to a flat so I had to decide what to keep and what to exit. One of the things I came across was my old stamp collection and all the talk of the Bayeux Tapestry reminded me of it. That’s where the image at the head of this post came from. As an 8 year old in the time before the internet, collecting stamps was a common hobby. Just browsing through the pages of my collection told its own story of that year and my childhood.

For example, 1966 was England’s best ever footballing year hosting and winning the world cup:


It was also a year in which Britain showcased its technological capabilities:


Who recognises or even remembers the Jodrell Bank telescope, the Advanced Gas Cooled Nuclear Reactor at Windscale, the iconic E-Type Jaguar and the SRN6 Hovercraft.

All were ground breaking technologies in their time and these stamps were part of the then government’s attempts to tell the story of British innovation and capability to the rest of the world.

Getting your message across through story telling

There’s an old adage in marketing and business that people like to do business with people. They like to buy from people they know like and trust. In today’s ‘always connected’ world where you are bombarded with marketing messages everywhere you go or look, getting your prospects to know you is the best way to build that trust we are all looking for.

I’m an avid networker and attend quite a few networking meetings each week. Two things are important when networking.

  1. Regular attendance. If you want to develop relationships with the members of a networking group, turning up once in a blue moon just isn’t going to cut it. They have to get to know you before they will trust you.
  2. Tell your story. Most networking groups give regular members the chance to do a slot about their business at some point. This can be anything from 10 to 30 minutes. The people that use those slots most effectively spend a good proportion of their slot telling the audience about them. Their family, their passions, their journey that has lead them to doing what they do. It is that back story that builds the credibility and trust that will encourage people to buy from you and recommend you.

You can take that story telling ethos into your wider marketing. Short videos are a great way of doing this. With PowerPoint you can create videos from your slides. You could create a series of images in Canva and put those into a carousel ad on Facebook. You could create your story on Instagram.

At the Guildford Hub we help our members understand how to tell their story and how to create the images and slides shows to use in that story. Whether it’s Emma Selby’s Canva workshop, Suzanne Driver’s Ninja PowerPoint tips or this week’s talk on visual story telling from our Photography VIP Kerry Harrison, the Hub is there to educate and inspire you to develop and grow your business.

What’s you story? Why not come along to the Hub and tell us.

Next week at the Hub:


Before the internet and Facebook and even before we learned how to print, story telling was used to educate and pass on information to other people. Story telling remains, to this day, the most effective way of building a rapport with you audience and getting your message across.

This week at Guildford Hub our VIP photographer Kerry Harrison will explain how you can use images to tell your story visually. We all know that images have a greater impact and get far more traction and interaction on social media so bringing your story to life with images can be hugely powerful.

Kerry will show you how you can connect with your ideal prospects using the right images in a facr more subtle way to sell.

Book your place for the 29th January here


If you’re reading this blog after the dates on which these talks have been run, or you can’t make the date, don’t despair. All the talks are livestreamed in the Business Hubs Members Facebook group and are then stored in the group for you to watch again and again at your convenience. All Hub members have access to our back catalogue of talks since we started livestreaming about in the middle of 2016. It’s another hige benefit of being a Hub member.

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