Hire your first employee…and why 75% of business owners never hire anyone

Hiring people is fraught with difficulty and can be very costly if you get it wrong.  It takes time and is inherently risky. This is why so many of us – 75% in fact – prefer to keep it simple and manage on our own.

But in  a growing business the risks of trying to manage everything alone need to be considered too. In many cases the risks of not hiring outweigh the risks of hiring by some way. Risks of not hiring  include damaging the most important asset your business has – (you!) by creating stress, overwhelm and eventually burn out. Working too many hours can adversely affect your ‘mojo’ and eventually your health and may also alienate the people around you that you love.

You are also not the right person to do most of the jobs in your business. You most likely have the creativity and ability to do the ‘thing’ at the core of your business, and you have the vision, the passion and the drive to make it happen – or you wouldn’t have even come this far. What you don’t want to do is let that shining light that you have be buried under a rubble heap of admin, finance and marketing tasks.

Many of you will have heard of the great book on this subject ‘ The E Myth’ by Michael E Gerber and if you haven’t read it already it might be an idea to grab a copy – it is full of excellent advice on how to avoid being buried alive by the day to day in your own business. One piece of advice he gives is to draw up job descriptions for all the roles in the business even if you are the person currently doing all of them. That way you can start to see the outline of people you may soon need to hire.

Once you have an idea of all the jobs that need doing, work out which ones you can delegate so that you can focus on the things you do best.  Start delegating the others as soon as possible. Then, as you outsource more and more tasks the day will come when it makes sense to hire. Its a good idea to start looking for the right person several months before you actually need them so that you dont find yourself hiring in a hurry and making a mistake in your haste.

It is so important that you hire the right person – ask anyone who has got it wrong! Happily there are many ways to ‘de risk’ your first choice such as a really clear job description,  thorough background checks, proper references, multiple interviews, well thought out tests and a good induction programme.

However the most important thing is to know exactly what you are looking for and what your business needs. One practical thing you can do is profile your own personality (and that of any other people already in the business). This will highlight the qualities you lack and therefore need to add to your team. You may feel you know this instinctively but take my word for it –  you may not have everything quite right! Its worth  keeping  a very open mind here.

If you are interested in learning more about how personality profiling can benefit your business and your team do come along to our next event on Monday 9th October 2017 – ‘Solving the People Puzzle’ – you’ll have a chance to take  a test yourself and find out how it could work for you and your business. Its great for team building but also useful for learning how to deal with other personalities in your business – like clients!

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