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Our members come from some of the top businesses in Guildford and surrounding areas.  All of them have a desire to improve their businesses through learning new skills, a need to be part of a thriving and vibrant community and a want to help other businesses succeed through support and learning.  Take a look at who our VIP members are – an experienced group with top class knowledge of their business area, and at the diverse range of Premium members we have.  Come along an meet any of them at our Monday meetings.

It works for them …

Since joining the Guildford Hub I have gained valuable insight in to a variety of business related matters, from marketing through to accountancy and on to improving my own service on several levels. Joanne McGowan offers an incredible level of support which always feels personal and genuine, and her energy and enthusiasm for the Hub and all of its members is effervescent.

Jack Taylor

Jack Taylor Productions

The Guildford Hub is a treasure-trove of all the sort of useful training, information and group support that you really need when you run your own business – all in one place! I also really appreciate the flexible set-up of the hub – you can drop in just for the training element or stay for the before/after chat, plus you’re not obligated to come along every week, which means I can fit it around the ebb and flow of my workload. I’ve learnt so much already to help drive my business forward in just the first few weeks of being a member!

Kerry Harrison

Kerry J Photography

The Guildford Hub has given me the opportunity to network with a group of dynamic, supportive and like minded business owners. Being in business on your own is so lonely – yet by being a member of the Hub there is this network of support that you can always fall back on. There is a buzz every week and we have all laughed at how much we all now Look Forward to Monday mornings! That’s an achievement in itself!!

Joanna Michael

Car Service Direct

Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.

~ Swami Sivananda

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