It’s probably one of the best loved and most used quotes from a film* but it sums up what it can feel like as an entrepreneur sometimes. You know the feeling. You want to do one little thing but as you start to explore what it entails it explodes out of all proportion. Let’s look an example.

Email marketing to your contacts

You have a list of contacts with email addresses that you want to send a marketing email to telling them about your products or services. Let’s explore the options:

  • You could just send an individual e-mail to each contact but even with copy and paste that sounds a bit laborious for more than a handful of contacts.
  • Sending the email to multiple people at once would save time but everyone will see all the e-mail addresses.
  • You could add all the contacts into an email application like Outlook and then create a group. Most recipients will realise it’s to a group so it will lose a bit of the personal touch. Also, email providers may put a limit on how many people you can send to at one time. Your e-mails may also get flagged as potential spam so this might not be so good after wall.
  • Also, there’s data protection and the new GDPR rules coming in in May 2018. Can you market to these contacts? How do you offer the mandatory “opt out” link?
  • So why not use an email marketing system? They get round the spam and volume issues and provide a solution for the “opt out” issue. But which one? Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, All Clients, Infusionsoft – there are so many, so which one is right for you. Many are free but they can cost hundreds of pounds a month depending on the features you need and the size of your list.
  • OK – so you’ve chosen an email system but if you are going to invest time and maybe money in this, you need to grow your list to make it worthwhile. You’ve signed up for freebies in return for your e-mail address so why not do the same.
  • So now you need a lead magnet (your freebie). How do you create that?
  • To get people to sign up for your freebie you need a landing page on your website integrated to that new email system. Can your 1-page quicker builder website do that or do you need to move to WordPress?
  • So now it’s on your website but nobody is signing up. You need to drive traffic to your landing page. Someone recommends using social media for this. But which platform – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. Paid for or organic traffic? What content are you going to put out there to drive the traffic?
  • Should you have a blog to drive traffic
  • etc. etc.

So in exploring sending a few marketing e-mails to some contacts the tasks have multiplied to implementing a new email marketing system, integrating it to your website – or maybe even upgrading your website, to creating a lead magnet, to getting into social media to drive traffic, to creating yet more content….


Why not outsource the problem?

As an entrepreneur, everything that happens in your business is your responsivity. But that doesn’t mean you have to do it all yourself. Outsourcing specific tasks or projects to a trusted expert supplier will save you time and could save you money if you do it right. Yes, it will cost you some money but the right expert will complete your project in a fraction of the time it would have taken you. So you get a solution quicker. What’s more they’ll help you avoid the mistakes that could cost you a lot of money and all that time you would have spent can instead be put to good use earning money in your business.

Outsourcing can be a minefield in itself. How do you select the right expert? How do you avoid getting ripped off? What sort of contract should you have in place? Will you get the rights to the work they do for you?

I always advise my clients to only outsource clearly defined projects that you can put boundaries around and have clear deliverables and success criteria. That way you can easily compare quotes from several potential suppliers and hold the chosen supplier to account when they do the work. Never outsource something where the scope is open ended.

The Hub can help you avoid overwhelm

At The Guildford Hub, we are all about education, inspiration and collaboration so that our members can break free from overwhelm and get things done. We do that by providing weekly presentations and workshops on focused, relevant topics. Each session provides actionable content that you can implement in your business.

We’ve already had talks in 2018 on creating great images for your social media posts using Canva and a raft of tips on how to make your website more attractive to search engines like Google. There will be talks on how to create a lead magnet, how to select an outsource partner and set up the contract, how to use LinkedIn to generate leads and many more topics. Each talk is designed to give you bit-sized actions to make a difference in your business.

You’re not alone

Even with the talks at the Hub, you might still feel overwhelmed because you’ve ended up with another bunch of tasks on your ‘to do’ list. How do you decide what to do first?

Well, two heads are better than one. Guildford Hub members can book a 30 minute 1:2:1 focus call with me. In these calls we look at a particular challenge you are facing in your business and agree a plan of attack to move you forward and break through the overwhelm. It might be creating a plan, it might be identifying the right tasks, or might even be finding the right outsource partner to solve your problem. Often, the process of talking through your challenge with someone independent results in the answer becoming obvious.

If you are a Guildford Hub member, look in the Business Hub Members private Facebook group (for the link to my diary to book your 1:2:1 session. If you’re not yet a member of the Guildford Hub check out this video to see what else you’re missing out on.


*In case you don’t recognise the line, it’s from the original Italian Job. In preparing for the heist the explosives “expert” is practicing blowing the doors off the security van but instead completely destroys the test van. At this point Michael Caine’s character says “You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off”.

Next week at the Hub:


Desktop applications like PowerPoint can add to the sense of overwhelm. So many features, so many ways to do things. Not to mention so many bad habits picked up and self-taught over the years of using earlier versions.

Once again, the Guildford Hub is here to overcome the overwhelm. Come along to our talk on Monday 22nd January to learn the Top 5 Tips of improving your PowerPoint Skills. Suzanne Driver is a Microsoft Expert in all Microsoft Applications for Users and will share with us:-

  • Bring your Branding into your Presentation
  • Ways to ensure Consistency throughout
  • Change the way you use bullet points
  • Using Images Effectively
  • Changing Between Slides

Suzanne will be covering Design Templates, Slide Masters, Smart Art, Using Images as Slide Backgrounds and Transitions and will have some super useful shortcuts to save you time.

Book your place for the 22nd January here

January 29th at the Hub


Before the internet and Facebook and even before we learned how to print, story telling was used to educate and pass on information to other people. Story telling remains, to this day, the most effective way of building a rapport with you audience and getting your message across.

This week at Guildford Hub our VIP photographer Kerry Harrison will explain how you can use images to tell your story visually. We all know that images have a greater impact and get far more traction and interaction on social media so bringing your story to life with images can be hugely powerful.

Kerry will show you how you can connect with your ideal prospects using the right images in a facr more subtle way to sell.

Book your place for the 29th January here


If you’re reading this blog after the dates on which these talks have been run, or you can’t make the date, don’t despair. All the talks are livestreamed in the Business Hubs Members Facebook group and are then stored in the group for you to watch again and again at your convenience. All Hub members have access to our back catalogue of talks since we started livestreaming about in the middle of 2016. Go to to see what’s on and sign up. Your first visit is free.





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