Here’s the scenario: You look at a product or service online but decide not to buy right now. Then, as you browse around the internet ads for that same product or service keep appearing in banners or side bars on any site that carries them.

It feels as if that supplier is stalking you. It can feel a bit creepy. So what is going on?

Search engine marketing

Most business owners have heard of Google AdWords or Pay Per Click (PPC) ads and there equivalent on the other search engines such as Bing or Yahoo. But when you set up your ads there are other options available such as advertising on the Display Network.

The Display Network comprises all the websites that allow Google and other search engines to place ads on their websites. These can be at the top (banner ads), side(s) (sidebar ads) – see the image at the top of this post – and even the middle or bottom of articles and content – see the image to the left.


Google and the other search engine companies will automatically choose ads to display based on their knowledge of your browsing habits, typically through looking at the cookies you leave. But that information alone is not sufficient to enable Google to render ads for as product you have just looked at.

Remarketing – the Google Pixel

When you create your website, of get a developer to create it, you want to track who has been to your site and what they have done on your site. To enable Google to provide you this information through their Google Analytics platform, they give you a small piece of code to put on every page of your website. This is the Google pixel code. It’s usually put in the header file so that it loads straight away on every page of your site. Google Analytics can then track every user as they browse around your site. That’s great to understand how your site is being used and by whom.

But the Google pixel (and its equivalent from other search providers) enables something much more powerful, and spooky! If you have a product or service page there should be a call to action – either add to a shopping cart, go to a purchase page, or submit an enquiry. Google will track whether you take that call to action or not through the pixel.

You can then create a remarketing campaign to serve ads through the Display Network to all those people that went to your product or service page but didn’t respond to the call to action. They looked but didn’t buy or enquire. Google now knows that and through your remarketing campaign will serve those stalker-like ads for up to 30 days or more.

There are all sorts of parameters you can set such as to delay the ads and remind people after a few days. It is a really powerful marketing tool and keeps your brand, products and services at the front of your potential customer’s minds.

Facebook are at it too!

The search giants are not the only ones to have cottoned on to the power of pixels. Facebook have also created a pixel tracking capability. The great news for marketers and small businesses is that it is even more powerful than the Google pixel. Not only can you use it for remarketing, but you can also use it for other purposes such as audience tracking and creation.

Having just explained all about pixels, it’s almost spooky that I’m now going to mention the next Guildford Hub presentation on…… The Facebook Pixel. See more below.

The Guildford Hub Monday 12th March

Hub Ambassador and Farnham Hub co-owner Jonathan Howkins will be revealing the secrets and value of the Facebook Pixel.

If you’ve wondered why some businesses make a fortune with Facebook advertising, whilst other fail to get any real results, then the answer would be just one thing.

That thing, is the Facebook Pixel.

The Facebook Pixel is where all the magic happens. It’s the key to generating more customers and profitable sales from Facebook.

Yet sadly, so many business owners simply don’t get it. Or they think it’s too confusing, or complicated.

But the truth is, once you understand what you can do with the Facebook Pixel, then you can really start to leverage the power of the Facebook algorithm and drive high conversions, for the lowest cost possible

Book your place for the 12th March here


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