I loved this blog by Penny Power that I read yesterday on her Business Cafe ‘Thought for the Day’.  I thought I would share it here for you all to read. Enjoy.

Role models are so important for us as they are a shortcut to understanding the paths we want to take and the decisions we must make.

Entrepreneurs that have made it to ‘celebrity’ status can be very helpful indeed for us to talk to as they are usually very candid about how hard it has been to achieve what they have achieved and also usually admit to a great number of failures and mistakes along the way.

This can give those of us struggling to grow the business we love a renewed sense of faith in ourselves and our dream.

It’s a powerful experience meeting and talking to people that have already done what you have set out to achieve. We can learn so much from others in the real world we inhabit.  Sadly, as Penny says, we get a very warped idea of how this works if we rely on the highly-staged Business TV shows we are fed for our entertainment, or listen to the hype from people who claim to have built multiple million pound businesses overnight. Any real people will tell you it isn’t like that at all.

So where can you get out and meet real people that will inspire you?

We invite wonderful guest speakers to the Hubs regularly to inspire our members. Recently these have included the lovely Penny Power herself, the Dragons Den survivor and Help for Heroes butcher Paul Turner, former Nokia Vice President Mark Selby, Vue Cinemas director Mark de Quervain and National Speaker Awards finalist Lis Cashin.

Who would you like us to invite to the Hubs to speak in 2018?

Tonight Allen Ruddock, Guildford Hub owner, and I are going to the British Library to take part in a panel discussion with:

◦       Charles Rolls, Founder of Fever-Tree premium drink mixers

◦       Karen Lynch, CEO of Belu Water ethical enterprise

◦       Rob Law, Inventor of the Trunki ride-along children’s suitcase range

◦       Anthony Eskinazi, Founder of JustPark app

◦       Polly McMaster, Co-founder of contemporary womenswear label, The Fold

I hope to persuade at least one of them to visit our Hubs in 2018. Who would you choose? Scroll down for more details.

The British Library run these free events every couple of months. Keep an eye out for details of the next one in the Business Hub Members group – we always have a group attending that you can be part of.

If you can’t make it to the live event don’t worry! You can follow the discussion live on Twitter at blue. You’ll be able to engage with Allen and I there too.

Panel speakers – who would you most like to meet? What would you like to ask them?

Charles Rolls – In 1997 Charles acquired a quarter of Plymouth Gin and as CEO subsequently helped to turn its fortunes around. Helping the company to achieve great success, his influence has seen a revolution occur within the Gin industry. As the Co-founder of Fever-Tree, Charles has been at the vanguard of re-branding both the premium Gin sector, and now, quality mixers around the world, with Fever-Tree growing to a value of over £1.5 billion in 12 years.

Karen Lynch – As the CEO of ethical water company Belu, Karen launched a new business model focused on exemplifying environmental standards in the industry and pledging to donate all profits to WaterAid. Belu offers the most ethical choice in water service from bottled mineral water to filtration and reusable bottles and carafes. To date, the business has passed £2.2 million to WaterAid, transforming over 140,000 lives with access to safe water and sanitation and, with Karen at the helm, the company has been recognised with many awards including the Queen’s Award in the Sustainable Development category (March 2017).

Rob Law MBE – ‘Trunki Daddy’ Rob, is the founder and CEO of Trunki, the much-loved children’s ride-on suitcase. Since launching in 2006, the company has grown to over 80 staff and has forged a new retail category of Children Travel Products offering a whole range of innovative solutions that help families on the go.

Anthony Eskinazi – Chess-playing, maths-loving, technology geek, Anthony has always been obsessed with solving problems. Now, as the founder and CEO of parking app JustPark, he is on a mission to solve the parking problem – making life easier for over 1.5 million drivers, and leading a £50 billion industry into the digital age at the same time.

Polly McMaster – Polly is the co-founder behind The Fold, a chic new womenswear brand aimed at professional women combining being serious about work and interested in fashion.

Next week at the Guildford Hub


Speaking of role models, I first saw Vanessa speak at the Guildford Expo about 4 years ago and immediately thought – that is the woman I want to help me take my business forwards. Where she is now – that is where I want to be. Subsequently we have worked together for the last 3 years. I feel very lucky to have her in my team! She genuinely inspires me and motivates me every day. If you don’t have a Vanessa equivalent in your business – it really is time to find that person. The support is amazing.

Vanessa is speaking this coming Monday at the Guildford Hub. She is demonstrating the power of a good sales letter and if you haven’t seen this talk before I urge you to come along. She will use the ‘before and after’ technique on letters submitted by Hub members. It is a session that is both entertaining and thought provoking! You will never write a letter in the same way again, I promise you.

Join us next Monday, your first visit is FREE.

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